The easternmost of the Cyclades Islands and one of the most authentic Greek Islands.

Amorgos with its dramatic mountain scenery and laid-back atmosphere has been inhabited since as early as about 3200 BC, as evidenced by the fourteen sites of the Early Cycladic period which have been excavated on the island.

The island of the Endless Blue which inspired many artists, will conquer you with its unspoiled mountainous nature, its wonderfully blue sea and its picturesque villages where the traditions and way of life are still kept alive.

The dramatic nature is filled with beauty of walks, flowers and herbs. Here you will find ancient culture and hospitality in a relaxing atmosphere.


  • Monastery Panagia Chozoviotissa
  • Byzantine Monastery of Saint John Theologos
  • Ancient tower of the Holy Trinity in Arkesini
  • Saint George Valsamitis
  • Ancient Minoa
  • Ancient Arkesini
  • Ancient Aegiali – Vigla
  • Archaeological Museum at Chora
  • Shipwreck of Olympia